Beautiful Winter Flowers You Can Grow All Winter

While many gardeners hang up their gardening gloves once the weather turns cold, you don’t have to give up on having beautiful flowers for the winter season even in the darkest days.

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While many gardeners hang up their gardening gloves once the weather turns cold, you don’t have to give up on having beautiful flowers for the winter season even in the darkest days. Many gorgeous flowers at your local atlanta florist actually thrive in winter’s chilly temps. With a little strategic planning and plant selection, your garden can remain lively and colorful straight through until spring.

Hardy Winter-Blooming Perennials

Some of the best sources of winter-blooming flowers are perennial plants that continue providing color once most annuals have faded. These stalwart perennials develop their flower buds during fall's cool-down so they’re all ready to open their petals once things freeze over.

Blanket flowers, for example, bloom from early summer well into fall. But once the first frost hits, they take a short break before starting up their daisy-like flowers again for winter color. Meanwhile, the Christmas rose starts flowering in late fall and keeps going all winter long. Their delicate white blooms are reminiscent of freshly fallen snow.

Pansies and Violas for Prolific Winter Blooms

Few flowers to plant in winter also include pansies and Violas that can outdo the sheer productivity once cooler weather sets in. Both are in the same plant family, and you’ll see violas marketed as small-flowered pansies. By either name, their flowers come in a rainbow of solid and multi-colored options. What’s more, they stand up to both cold temps and light snow coverings while pumping out the blooms.

Once established, pansies and violas will often winter overall on their own to return even earlier the following year. But starting new plants from seed in the fall helps boost your color assortment. Come spring, pansies and violas keep performing strongly while you transition to other winter flowers in Atlanta GA.

Ever-Blooming Winter Heath

Heath isn’t just found out on wild moorlands. You can grow winter heath (Erica) as a flowering ground cover or low border plant. Native to South Africa, these shrubs thrive in poor soils but require acidic conditions. That makes them perfect companions to azaleas and rhododendrons.

Winter heath blooms through much of fall and winter when little else provides color. Flower shades range from white to pink and reddish purple perfect to use in winter flower arrangements. Meanwhile, needle-like foliage remains attractive even when not in bloom. The compact growth habit of winter heath, often under a foot tall, makes it ideal for front yard flower beds and borders.

Ornamental Cabbages and Kales

Heading out to the vegetable garden for ornamentals may seem strange. But flowering cabbages and kales are too pretty to pass up for an atlanta flower delivery. Modern cultivars have been selected specifically for their vividly colored foliage rather than food production. Shades range from creamy white to pink and deep red-purple.

Best of all, the colors of ornamental cabbage and kale foliage become even more intense once cold temperatures set in. Light frosts and crisp autumn air bring out their best and richest tones. Use them en masse for big color impact or tuck them in here and there among other winter plants.

If that burst of wintery inspiration has you ready to fill your garden with winter blooms and brighten up your indoor spaces, visit William Paul Floral Design your local flower shop in Atlanta.

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